The Accelerate Golf Podcast

Ever wondered how scratch golfers got to that level of play? And why you are still stuck shooting in the 80s? Or been curious about the economics of your local club? Or that of hosting a tournament?

Welcome to the Accelerate Golf podcast, where we explore the game and business of golf through conversations. The golf we watch on TV is simply not relatable for 99% of us. Instead, why not learn from really good players who figured out how to break par consistently despite having careers and families and not practicing every day. How did they reach and maintain that level of play? Find out how they went from ok to scratch!

But player improvement is just one of the threads we cover. Walk along with our guests – club champions, teachers, tournament hosts, vendors, business people –  as they share their journeys in golf, and understand the opportunities within this beautiful game.

Stay tuned as we bring these insights and stories your way!